Here’s the first episode of a new series ‘Pillow Talk’.

Check out the new digs!!!

Yetifarm Creative has teamed up with Wild Boar Media to animate 30 shorts of PansonWork & Toei Animations’s NINTEA for TV Tokyo. It’s a good thing I took grade 10/11 Japanese. It’s an even better thing that all the scripts have been translated to English because the only Japanese I remember is the ‘head and shoulders, knees and toes song’.


Here’s the 3/4 mouthchart for Yarko. Bah shart… I still have lot’s of angles left to design.

Someone pointed out to me that this character shared a resemblance to a character named Dixon from the new 90210 series. I have never seen this Dixon fellow but figured I better change the name anyway. Slade was the first thing that came to mind, not sure why. So that’s it for the Episode 1 turnarounds, just two characters. Next I’ll start posing out an animatic.

I’m posting this turnaround so that I don’t lose steam on Specimen. These 14 hour days on the computer are making me nuts. The extra time to post this doesn’t help either. I can’t really complain because I have a job where I get to make cartoons for those 14 hours. 2 hours of getting outside and blowing off steam really helps too. Oh yeah… wife, kid, dog time in there somewhere too. I’ve always admired those who can focus on their own projects. I’m talking about the person who lives in their parents basement knowing they won’t get action until they move out again or the person who trades in their car for a bike and 3 months rent. Every dollar goes to supporting their art or films. The reality… we need to eat. If I had some coin right now it would all go to paying myself a salary to focus on my art. I use the term ‘art’ rather than animation because when an animator is creating for themselves without a paycheck it becomes art. Animation is a trade like carpentry. It definitely helps to have an artistic eye but as far as making things move in a mathamatical sequence it becomes more about a visual science than an artform. Fine Arts won’t teach you how to hold a pencil or how to control volume but it will teach how to think outside of the box. Be careful though, if you take Fine Arts your old high school friends will think you turned gay vegan. True story.

Click on the image to make it bigger numbnuts.

Hello Dixon, welcome to the Specimen family. Hang tight for a bit, we’ll get you moving soon.